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The practice of sport: should we do it every day?

By: :Amon Wilfried Koffi 0 comments
The practice of sport: should we do it every day?

 When a person starts doing sports, he tends to want to see a result immediately because he does a lot. The fundamental question that we must ask ourselves is: why should I do sports? What is the objective of doing so? Is it to lose a lot of weight, to improve your breathing, to draw your abdominal muscles, to run for several minutes without stopping, or just to have fun? To achieve these goals, we need to do it on a regular basis.

Well, the answer depends on the situation you are in.

But should I do sports every day? When should I rest? We will try to elaborate all these questions in order to enlighten you.

Follow me, I'll explain everything...


Can we do sports every day?

To answer this question, I would say that doing sports every day is not bad in itself because it is good for your health. On the contrary, the WHO recommends 10,000 steps or 20 minutes of physical activity per day. This will be particularly beneficial to your body if you are looking to maintain your health and keep a toned body.

What you should pay attention to here is the quality of your training, for this several practices are recommended to get the best out of your training.

Body weight exercises, walking, stretching, gentle gym, jogging or swimming are recommended to stimulate your body and make it progress. It is important to vary the intensity and duration of your workouts because if you don't do the same activity week after week, your body may stagnate.

Recovery factor

Although sports are done every day, your body also needs to rest to store energy and be efficient again. Some sports such as weight training, running and cycling require rest so that your body can recover and store energy. Let's take running as an example: 


  • Reduced muscle mass - This can be considered a positive or negative, depending on your goals. When we run, our body's instincts kick in and it starts trying to get rid of any unnecessary weight that might slow it down, including muscle. If you're running as part of a plan to lose body fat while maintaining muscle, it's important that you get enough protein to protect yourself from the risk of muscle loss. In addition, high-intensity interval training is recommended.
  • Sagging breasts - For women, running can lead to sagging breasts when running without a proper bra. No matter what your size, choosing a proper sports bra when running will give your breasts the support they need, increase your comfort level and reduce the risk of sagging.
  • Knee pain - While the idea that running can damage your knees is a myth, it's important to take steps to reduce your chances of knee pain. Strengthen your leg muscles, wear the right shoes and maybe even opt for knee support in the form of straps or knee pads.


   As we   often say,   you have to  listen to your body! Generally speaking, unless you practice your  favorite sport at a high level, engaging in an intense activity 3 to 4 times a week seems to be  sufficient.

  If you choose bodybuilding, count on a minimum of two days for the muscle group you have worked on to rebuild itself effectively.

  Cardio every day is useful?

  It is possible to run every day or so, but it is not always recommended. In     general,  physiotherapists prefer to see us run for 10 minutes a day rather than   an hour once about 4 to 5  times a week to avoid putting your body under     intense mechanical stress which would be harmful to your body.

What you need to understand here is really to space out or spread out your sports sessions progressively throughout the week rather than doing a single session of 1 to 2 hours.

Is it worth it to workout every day?

If you want to gain muscle mass while giving your body enough rest time, I would say YES. I would advise you to set up a training program during the week and work on different muscle groups each day. However, recovery time is important as well as sleep which is restorative.

Your recovery time depends on your training, your diet and the speed at which your muscles are able to recover, therefore the feeling you have. Your recovery time will depend on your training, your diet and also on how fast your muscles feel to recover.

To lose weight, is it necessary to do sport every day?

To lose weight, you can do sports every day. The most important thing in any training is always to listen to your body and respect its physical capacities, especially to respect the rest time it needs.

Finally, sleep and eat properly, I always tend to say that doing sports without a good diet, you will not get any convincing results.

20 Minutes of needs sport per day: Need an idea?


Home exercise program: 15 minutes a day, for a week

Example of a schedule

Jours Sport
Lundi Cardio
Mardi Renfo
Mercredi Stretching / yoga
Jeudi Cardio
Vendredi Renfo
Samedi Stretching / yoga
Dimanche Sport cardio / jour de repos




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