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What to do? Muscle strains and aches

By: :Amon Wilfried Koffi 0 comments
What to do? Muscle strains and aches

The massage gun is thus considered the smart technology fitness tool of the moment and for years to come. Tensions, muscle strains and soreness are several ailments that sportsmen, sportswomen and sportswomen use to alleviate the pain. A popular tool is the massage gun to use at home. Thanks to its vibrations, it is supposed to make the discomfort disappear.
We will show you what this tool is, why to use it and how to use it.

What is this tool?

Visually, the massage gun looks like a toolbox, but more like your wellness box! It is increasingly used to massage muscles and especially muscle groups on which pain remains. It is a better oxygen supply to limit aches and leads to a significant reduction or even elimination of pain.

Why use it?

The effects like the vibrations it provides are intended to stimulate blood circulation and relieve tension. More practical isn't it? It allows us to save the costs of a professional. This massager can easily be used at home. All the tips can exert more pressure and work deeper into the tissues.

The benefits of the massage gun are similar to those of a traditional massage. Scientific research has shown the beneficial effects of a totally relaxed body on sleep patterns: sixty minutes of deep tissue massage is equivalent to seven hours of sleep. Of course, there is no question of replacing sleep with a massage, but imagine the benefit of this "extra" sleep!

Its use before a game or sports competition, both to warm up muscles and to help relieve stress caused by the adrenaline rush, is also highly recommended.

There are three areas in which the use of the massage gun is most effective:

  • Before training
  • After training
  • For mild to moderate acute muscle problems

Finally, the anxiety and repetitive thoughts generated by overweight or related illnesses cause pressure and muscle knots, also called myofascial trigger points. Self-massage with the muscle massage gun allows you to evacuate this stress wherever you are.

How to use it?

For a better use, several tips are available in the massage gun box that can be attached to the gun head. The most common massage gun attachments are :

  • Ball tip: the ball is the standard accessory that can be used on all muscles.
  • Flat Head: The large flat head is ideal for large muscle groups such as the buttocks and thighs. It gently taps the treated areas.
  • Bullet Tip: The small spherical tip is optimal for treating localized muscle hardening, also known as "trigger points.
  • Fork tip: The fork-shaped attachment is particularly suitable for back massage and calf treatment thanks to the space between the two ends of the fork.

The application is simple, which can lead us to a regular use. It is preferable to use it two to three treatments per week. If however we do not notice any improvement, it is preferable to consult a physiotherapist directly.

If you use it to treat an injury, it is preferable to consult a doctor beforehand. Of all shapes and sizes, the massage gun often offers several options (vibrations, circular massages, etc.), several heads (standard heads are round, but many guns offer alternatives for specific areas of the body), different speeds and intensities.

Choose the best combination and frequency for you. And be sure to read the manual carefully before you start!

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